Knee Pain

What are the Symptoms of Knee pain?

  • Acute / Sharp / Severe pain - often an indication of inflammation
  • Ache / Stiff / Dull pain - Usually associated with muscle problems

Symptoms explained:

  • Pain - When sharp indicates inflammation. This may be in a tendon, bursa or ligament.
  • Ache - Most commonly associated with muscular problems including tightness or overuse.
  • Restriction - If the joint is locked in position and therefore severely restricted, you need to check for meniscal damage. Stiffness or tightness can occur with muscular or ligamentous dysfunction.
  • Weakness - This can occur secondary to pain, trauma or nerve damage and needs to be examined to determine the cause.
  • Swelling - This will occur secondary to trauma most commonly or may be associated with a bursa or baker's cyst


How Ice Arena Chiropractic can help
With every pain patient that we examine, we will assess their feet, ankles, knees and hips as well as their backs, as our focus is not just to treat the pain, but to find and eliminate the cause to stop the problem from re-occurring. Our chiropractors are therefore very well trained and experienced at examining, diagnosing and treating knee problems, whether they are associated with knee pain or not.
When you see one of our chiropractors for a knee complaint, they won't simply look at your knee. We believe in not just treating the pain, like pain killing medication does, but in identifying, and treating or eliminating, the cause of the injury in the first place.
You can expect to be involved in any decisions about your care. You chiropractor will give you advice on appropriate pain management strategies.
Your treatment is likely to be a package of care that may include advice, self-management, manual therapies including manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue work, dry needling/medical acupuncture, tailored exercise approaches and psychologically informed care.
You can also expect to receive advice on the appropriateness of undertaking exercises, being physically active and continuing normal daily activities as far as possible as well as remaining in work, graded return and fit notes.



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