Neck Pain

What is neck pain?
On a daily basis, your neck must perform the fundamental task of balancing and supporting your skull for 24 hours; a part of your anatomy which weighs approximately 12lbs! Subsequently, if your spine is misaligned in any way, this can disrupt the spinal joints and muscles in your neck, back and shoulders, thereby causing substantial neck pain alongside restricted neck and head mobility.


What are the symptoms of neck pain?
Some of the most common symptoms of neck pain include:

  • discomfort or soreness around your neck,
  • “referred” pain in other areas of your body such as your shoulders, arm, hand/s, finger/s
  • reduced neck and head mobility,
  • stiffness around your neck and shoulders.

If you notice significant neck or shoulder pain which persists for longer than one day, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help.


How Ice Arena Chiropractic Clinic can help treat your neck pain
Many people who suffer from prolonged neck pain resort to painkillers. However, these are only temporary measures which do not target the primary cause of your neck pain. Fortunately, at Ice Arena Chiropractic, our highly trained practitioners can prescribe a series of non-invasive healing methods which will actively target the source of your neck pain without resorting to surgery or drugs.

Using a detailed physical examination and forms of neuro-musculo-skeletal testing, we can locate the primary cause of your neck pain. From here, we can administer individually tailored chiropractic treatments, massage and/or cupping therapy which will alleviate your pain and prevent your injury from resurfacing in future.

Furthermore, we can recommend a course of sports massage treatments during your chiropractic care to bolster your healing process. Sports massage treatments provide long term supportive care for your body to prevent further injury and to strengthen the muscles surrounding your afflicted area. Subsequently, you can receive a long term, entirely natural cure for your neck pain, without having to resort to prescribed drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

With Ice Arena Chiropractic care, we will address the interference to the nerves around your neck which in turn will enable your entire body to function at its optimum capacity. The vast majority of all our clients agree that our care helps address the underlying problems of neck and shoulder complaints, while at the same time improving the muscular strength and mobility of their head and neck.




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